Kambos is separated from the city by the river Parthenis, whose source is in the mountains of central Chios, between Nea Moni and Dafnona village, and is later enriched with the waters of Korakaris mountain as well as three smaller rivers in the area “Tis koris to Giofyri” (the bridge of the daughter).

Through Kambos runs the river Kokalas, that is created by the tributaries that spring from the mountains around Kambohora, Kavvada, Kara-Mousa and Hasoum Bey.

Kokalas passes through some of the most important orchards and some mansions are built on its shores. Some mansions are built on its shores.

At the mouth of the Kokalas river, over the years the sediments have created the area of Lefkonia, and the saltmarsh of Kontari. In Kambos, Kokalas crosses the streets in many spots that we can see even today. Before the Greek Revolution, in one of these spots, next to the field of Koukounaries, was the venue “Kazinaki”, the only known meeting point of the time.

From Vasilioniko to Chios one comes across the bridge of Kara-Mousa. More important, however, was the bridge of “Maximina” on the road Chios Kallimasias. The last bridge before the sea was that of Virgin Mary Syriotissa, (or Seriotissa, or Soriotissa) that no longer exists.

Almost every street that leaves from the city of Chios towards the villages in the South – and even smaller roads – needed normal or improvised bridges to pass over the rivers.

A few existing bridges are very difficult to distinguish today because of the modern configuration of the streets.