Social life

We don’t have a lot of information regarding social life in Kambos, but it is not difficult to imagine how life would be in its fragrant atmosphere during the place’s heyday, when each of the 220 orchards was full of life. The number of lounges and the way the residences were made, allowed for big gatherings and feasts. Some travellers write about the welcoming of foreign dignitaries with music and traditional dances. They also refer to the gatherings of the women on benches outside the gates and to crowds of servants during the welcoming of visitors. But it is not difficult to imagine what life would be like in the shady and fragrant atmosphere, in the times of the great prosperity of the Plain, when each of the 220 orchards was full of life. The number of living rooms and the type of configurations favored large gatherings and celebrations. Some travelers talk about the reception of foreign officials accompanied by a program of music and local dances. They also refer to the gatherings of women on the terraces outside the gates or sometimes to the strange multitude of servants at the reception of strangers.

The benches ­- sitting areas

Some parts of the courtyard formed sitting areas, with benches. These are often located around the cistern (like the Zervoudis and Argentis mansions), close to the gate (Riziko and Karava mansions) and the gate towards the orchard (Karava and Tetteris mansion). The terraces are often designed on the walls of the cistern (mansion Zervoudi, Argenti etc.), near the gate (Riziko, Karava etc.), and the gate to the orchard (mansion Karava, Antoine Tetteri).

The lounge next to the cistern

An architectural innovation that existed in the courtyards of the mansions was the lounge next to the cistern.

It was about three to four m3 large and was two to three steps higher than the ground. It is located above ground level, about two to three steps above it.It was open, without a roof, sometimes with an arbour. Its floor and walls were made of stone and the benches were of marble or stone slabs. Both the floor and the walls are made of stone, while the seats have stone or marble slabs.

From this spot, the owner enjoyed the waters of the cistern and a view of the area. Some testimonies say that the superintendent of the orchard sat there to make sure the pulley and the watering system was working properly. According to other testimonies, the caretaker of the orchard sat there to control the manganese when it was operating and generally to supervise the entire irrigation system.