Digital Cultural and Touristic Itineraries in Chios: the example of Kambos

Kambos, one of the most beautiful areas of Chios, constitutes a unique residential unit, combining an exceptional natural landscape with a specific local architectural character.

Kampos presents to the visitor the traditional architecture of the old villas and the historical temples but also the architecture that was created thanks to the wealth that Chios gained from the trade and the shipping.


The project aims to:

  • Present the timeless value of the area of Kambos, its importance for the financial and social life of Chios throughout the centuries and promote self-reflection on how it can be assimilated and function in the modern social network of the city of Chios.
  • Record, document and digitise the wealth of material that exists about Kambos.
  • Diffuse digital cultural material to the citizens and bring into contact the cultural heritage monuments around Kambos, through modern services and new technologies.

This action is expected to contribute to an increase of visitorsand cultural tourism, as well as to safeguard and promote the tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage of the area.

Digital Actions

Within the project, the following actions were implemented:

  • Collection and documentation of cultural material, including the writing of texts about Kambos, its history and architecture.
  • Research and digital recordings of narrations of people that grew up and lived in the mansions of Chios.
  • Digital photographing of the mansions of Kambos and other points of interest.
  • Creation of 3D graphics for one of the mansions of Kambos.
  • Development of a network of digital, cultural, touristic itineraries in Chios, with Kambos as the epicentre and promotion through the website.
  • Creation of a digital sightseeing application for portable devices, where the history of Kambos will unfold digitally, with augmented reality technologies and 3D representations.