The gate

Inside the courtyard of the residence,there is a large door, the gate that leads to the orchard. This gate is the boundary between two spaces with different uses: the courtyard and the orchard. In some orchards, on either side of the gate lies a low stone fence with railings, so that the orchard is visible from the courtyard.

In appearance it looks very much like a typical gate. The gate is built with stones from the nearby Thymiana village, in red and yellow colours. It consists of two tall, broad panels that are made of either iron or wood and have a gap between them to facilitate the supervision of the farm. Its leaves, iron or wooden, have gaps between them to make it easy to supervise the estate. Past the gate and inside the orchard, there are alleys with pillars or columns that hold up an arbour (Anairousi – Mylonadis 1994).


Inside the orchard we find many paved passageways, that lie slightly higher than the rest of the ground. They lead to different parts of the farm and ensure the smooth movement of people and the good functioning of the orchard.