One of the biggest changes in the area was the conversion of the orchards in the suburbs of the city of Chios into a semi-urban landscape. However, a few large works that took place after the 1960s had great impact in Kambos.

The first and largest was the construction of the State Airport of Chios that carries the name of Homer. At the time, there were no obstructions to its positioning in parallel to the coast of Kontari, despite the use of more than 350 hectares of land. It was finalised in 1969, with the first flight of Olympic Airways landing on the island. However, its expansion that is still being discussed, has created a big issue in the local community, which has different values today, like the protection of the architectural heritage and the historical landscape.

The second big infrastructure work was the creation of the electrical power station at the coast between Leukonia and Kontari. It was designed in the 1960s, to replace the noisy unit that existed at the north of the island. It started being built in 1967 and started working soon after. Since 1972 it has been the only electricity power station of the island.